New Current Payroll Preview Report

We’re thrilled to give you another helpful payroll report designed to display your current payroll preview. When a payroll is in progress but not finalized, you can head over to the Reports page and find our brand-new Current Payroll Preview Report.

Here’s how it works: Only the current payroll in progress will be available in the Current Payroll Preview Report. It’s a great way to tag team members before you approve payroll without needing to email confidential information. Users with “full” payroll permissions or “reports only” permissions will have the new Payroll Preview report available to explore. There, you can effortlessly switch between the “Details” view or the “Summary” view—just like you’ve experienced in Step 2 of your payroll process. And we won’t leave you hanging if a payroll isn’t in progress. You’ll get a friendly message telling you there’s no payroll waiting to be approved. 

Here’s the cherry on top: To keep things crystal clear, we’ve ensured that only one report is visible at a time, and it’s the one that matters most—the payroll in progress. All of those other reports? After payroll is approved, they are in the Payroll Details report and Payroll Register reports. 

The Current Payroll Preview Report ensures a smooth payroll journey for those number crunchers who aren’t running payroll but need to know the totals before payroll is approved. Check out our help article “Preview Current Payroll Report” for more information.

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