Invoice List Improvements

invoice list improvements in Patriot Software

The invoice list has taken a major leap forward with some seemingly small changes that will save accounting customers time by adjusting the default view and providing easy search capabilities. Here are some highlights on what’s changed:

  1. The default starting date will populate the first date of the last month through the current date, and unpaid invoices will automatically be selected.
  2. We’ve added pagination with the default set to view 50 invoices to a page. You also will be able to view up to 100 invoices at a time.
  3. We’ve added a convenient link to “Apply Payments” at the top of the invoice list screen.
  4. Overdue invoices have the date shown in red for eye-catching alerts with the number of days overdue displayed for you.
  5. We’ve included totals for the invoices for the date range and filters selected.
  6. We’ve added action icons to help you with easy identification of tasks.
  7. You can now easily search by invoice number with the new search bar included on the page.
  8. You can view invoice details on the invoice list, by simply clicking a link which will expand information.

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