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Paycheck History Report

The Paycheck History report shows individual paycheck detail for checks processed in Patriot Software.  Paycheck detail includes hours, earnings, employee taxes withheld, employer taxes owed, deductions, and contributions. It also shows any scheduled deductions that were not withheld due to low pay. This report is similar to the Payroll Register Report, but just shows paycheck info for one employee.

To view paycheck history for a single employee:

1. Payroll > Employees > Employee List > click the employee’s name.

2. On the employee’s main screen, click the Paychecks link.

3. The employee’s most recent paycheck will display. To view a check for a specific pay date or range of pay dates, enter the paycheck date range, and click Run Report.  You can also select a different employee from the name dropdown list.

4. To view and/or print the employee’s actual pay stub, click the View/Print Stub link at the bottom of each paycheck detail. A new web browser window will appear with the printer-friendly version of the pay stub. Print following your web browser menu.

5. You can also void an employee’s paycheck from this report. For more information, see How To Void A Paycheck.

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