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Direct Deposit Details Report

As a Patriot Software Direct Deposit customer, you will use the Direct Deposit report to view your payroll activity and status of your collection and deposits.

Reports > Payroll Reports > Direct Deposit Details

The date range will be set to the first and last pay date of the current month.  You can change these dates, if needed.

If you use the Prefund Option, view your target balance (the amount of money you want to have available for payroll) and your current balance (the actual amount available today).

The report will show the following activity:

  • Pay Date:  The date the money will be deposited in employee bank accounts
  • Direct Deposit Type:  Either “Standard” or “Prefund.”  For more details, see Direct Deposit Funding and Timing Options.  
  • Collection Date:  The date Patriot will withdraw from your business bank account
  • Direct Deposit Amount:  The total amount of all employee direct deposits for that payroll

Click “Show Details” to see more:

Collection Details

The collection Patriot Software will withdraw from your business bank account is as follows:

  • Collection Type:  This could be either Prefund Replenish (if you use prefunding), Collection, or Refund.
  • Collection Account Number: Displays the last two digits of the company’s bank account number.
  • Collection Date:  The date Patriot will withdraw from your business bank account.
  • Collection Amount:  This is the total direct deposit amount Patriot will collect.
  • Collection Status:  This shows the current status of Patriot’s withdrawal request to your bank.

Employee Payment Details

Each employee deposit will be listed.  If an employee has directed payment into more than one bank account, they will appear in the list two or more times, once for each account.

  • Employee Name
  • Employee Account Number: This will always be blinded to only show the last 2 digits of the account number.
  • Direct Deposit Amount
  • Direct Deposit Status: This shows the current status of Patriot’s deposit to your employee’s bank account after Patriot has collected from the employer bank account.

Contractor Payment Details

If you have also paid contractors with employees in this payroll, each contractor direct deposit will also be listed, with the same detail as above.  You can also find a similar report showing only contractors under Reports > 1099 Contractors > Contractor Direct Deposit Details.

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