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How to Delete or Inactivate a Pay Schedule

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How to Delete a Pay Schedule
How to Inactivate a Pay Schedule

How to Delete a Pay Schedule

You may be able to delete a Pay Schedule if it meets both these conditions:

To determine if a pay schedule can be deleted go to Settings > Payroll Settings > Pay Schedules. On the Pay Schedule list, you will see a trash can if the Pay Schedule is eligible to be deleted. 

Why don’t I see a trash can?
If the trash can icon isn’t visible, it indicates that either a pay schedule has been used in a payroll, or employees are still assigned to the pay schedule.  See our help article, “How to Assign Employees to a New Pay Schedule” for more information.

Even though you can’t delete it, you can still inactivate a pay schedule to remove it from your active pay schedules list. 

How to Inactivate a Pay Schedule

  • Re-assign all employees from their existing schedule by going to their employee record Payroll > Employee List > {Select the employee name } > Pay Info.
    • Select the new Pay Schedule or click “+ Add New”  to create and assign the employee to a brand new pay schedule.
    • Click Save.
  • Go to Settings > Payroll > Pay Schedules. 
  • Select the Pay Schedule you want to inactivate.
  • Uncheck the “Active” box
    • Why can’t I uncheck the active box? Before you can inactivate a Pay Schedule, you will need to re-assign all employees from the schedule first to a new pay schedule. See “How to Assign Employees to a Pay Schedule,” for more information.
  • Click “Save.”

Click the “Show Inactives” toggle to view inactive pay schedules in your Pay Schedule list.

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