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How to Assign Employees to a New Pay Schedule

After you have created a new Pay Schedule, you can assign employees to it. 

  • Go to Payroll > Employee List > {Employee Name} > Pay Info tab. 
  • Click Edit.
  • Under Payroll Information find the Pay Schedule field and click in the box. Pay Schedules that are already set up for your company will be displayed in the dropdown.
    • You can also add a new Pay Schedule from the employee record by clicking in the Pay Schedule dropdown and clicking the +Add New link. You will still need to complete the Pay Schedule setup by assigning dates to the pay schedules on the Pay Schedule settings page. Settings > Payroll Settings > Pay Schedules. Check out “First-time Setup: Customize Your Pay Schedule” for more info.
  • Select the desired pay schedule for the employee and click “Save.”

💡 You can only add one pay schedule to each employee, however, you can run unlimited payrolls for your employees without any additional charge. How’s that for value? Use the “Off-cycle Pay Schedule” already created for you by the software on payroll step one for one-off payrolls. For more information, check out our help article, Running an Off-cycle Payroll.

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