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How to Edit a Pay Schedule


Patriot will automatically group your employees in a pay schedule based on the pay frequency you select. After you have completed your first-time setup and customized your pay schedule, you can still edit some of the Pay Schedule.

Follow the chart from left to right for the criteria for editing a pay schedule

To edit an existing pay schedule when you have not run a payroll using the pay schedule:

  • Go to Settings > Payroll Settings > Pay Schedules.
  • Click on the name of the schedule you want to edit.
  • Update the name, pay period ends on the date, or pay date as needed. 
  • Click Save.

Why can’t I edit the “Pay Frequency” dates?

If you have used a pay schedule in a payroll, you can’t edit the Pay Frequency dates. In cases where you need to adjust pay period dates create a new pay schedule and re-assign pay schedules to employees as needed. 

If you need a one-off payroll, run an Off-cycle. Check out our help article, “Running an Off-cycle Payroll for more info. 

Also check out, “How to Delete or Inactivate a Pay Schedule.”

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