Adding Non-Worked Hours to Time Cards

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Adding Non-Worked Hours to Time Cards

On the time card, “Regular” hours will always be the default hours type to enter time worked. Overtime hours will automatically calculate, based on federal and state timekeeping rules.

In addition to regular hours, you can add other non-worked hours types to the time cards. Patriot Software includes some default hours types, such as Holiday, Sick and Vacation hours.  You can also add your own hours types.

If you use Patriot TIME, you will see an “Include on Time Card” column in your Hours Types list. Any active hours type marked “Yes” will appear when you click the “Other Hours” link on the time cards. If the hours type is inactive, but still marked “Yes” to include on the Time Card, the hours type will not appear on the time card.

To add or remove an hours type from a time card:

1. Payroll > Settings > Payroll Settings > Hours & Money Types
2. Click Edit beside the Hours Type you want to add to or remove from the “Other Hours” section of the time cards.
3. Check or uncheck the box to “Include On Time Card”
4. Click Save.

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