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Voiding a Customer Credit

Background: Voiding a Credit

If you need to create a credit for your customer, due to a return or giving them a miscellaneous refund, you can void the credit if you’ve made a mistake or want to remove the credit. You can void both open (available to apply to an invoice) and applied credits (that have already been applied to an invoice).

You can also delete a credit.  For more details, see Void or Delete a Transaction: What’s the difference?

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Voiding a customer credit in Patriot Software

Accounting > Customer Tasks > Customers > Customer Name > Credits

This will show a list of all credits that have been created for this customer. Click either “Void” or “Delete” for that credit.

You will see a confirmation page to void or delete this credit. Click Yes to confirm.

The voided credit will appear in the customer’s Credit Detail page if you click “Show Applied & Voided Credits” at the top of the page.
The deleted credit will not appear in the customer’s credit list, but will appear in the Modified Transactions Report.

If you have voided or deleted a credit that you have already applied to an invoice, the customer will now owe that amount on their invoice, and will show as unpaid.

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