Form W-3 is SSA-approved for Paper Filing

example of form w-3 with the word approved stamped over it

Basic customers can celebrate another big win for simplicity! While we have always offered a Form W-3 report in our software for your personal records, we’ve just received word that our printed Form W-3 has been accepted for filing submissions by the Social Security Administration. 

Here’s the scoop: if you’re a basic customer who has under 10 information returns and doesn’t want to file the transmittal file provided in the software with the SSA, you can now effortlessly print Form W-3. The best part? You won’t need to purchase any extra forms. It’s a straightforward print-and-file process. How’s that for easy?

Of course, Full Service Payroll customers who have their end-of-year tax filings filed on their behalf by Patriot can also enjoy the convenience of downloading Form W-3 for their own company records. It’s all about making your tax journey smoother and more efficient.

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