Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation Insurance

How pay as you go workers' comp works with Patriot Software: Patriot sends your latest payroll data to AP Intego, AP Intego calculates the premium you owe for that pay period, you get a pay notification delivered to your inbox, AP Intego debits your bank account and pays the insurance co., and you can view transaction data and more at

Patriot Software, LLC has partnered with AP Intego to offer pay as you go workers’ compensation insurance to our payroll customers, among other types of property and casualty insurance. With Pay As You Go, business owners pay their workers’ comp premiums each time they run a payroll, instead of larger lump sum installments.

AP Intego, a national insurance broker, shops multiple insurance carriers to find the policy that best fits each customer’s industry. This is available to all customers in states that allow purchasing workers’ comp insurance from a private carrier. Customers can request a quote directly from Patriot Software.

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