Beta Release of Mobile App for Employee Time and Attendance

picture of patriot mobile app

We have a thrilling update! 

Drum roll, please….. 🥁

Patriot introduces the beta release of My Patriot, a time and attendance mobile app, designed to enhance employees’ timekeeping experience.  The mobile app is available for all employees of customers who utilize Patriot’s time and attendance software.  

(Is that cheering we hear?? 🥳)

To get started, employees can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sign in to the app using their employee portal username and password.

Here’s a sneak peek into the initial beta features:

  • Support for both salary and hourly employees.
  • Quick punch or manual entry options are available.
  • Effortlessly handles multiple pay rates.
  • Instantly view open and approved timecards.
  • Keep track of time-off balances.
  • Record both worked and non-worked hours seamlessly.
  • Salary employees can clone hours to future timecards with a single tap.
  • Flexible viewing options: daily summaries, weekly rundowns, or comprehensive pay period overviews.
  • Add comments and context as needed.
  • Enjoy seamless synchronization between the employee portal and the mobile app.

But that’s not all! Our mobile employee time and attendance app will continue to evolve with more features in the pipeline. Stay tuned for future releases.  Employees can submit feature requests and feedback on the mobile app under the feedback link.
To learn more about the mobile time and attendance app, check out our help article, My Patriot Employee App.

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