Apple Pay and Google Pay Integration with Stripe

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We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news that will undoubtedly enhance your customers’ payment experience.

In our ongoing commitment to providing you with cutting-edge payment solutions, we’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated Apple Pay and Google Pay into our payment options through Stripe. This means that your customers can now enjoy a seamless and secure payment process using their preferred mobile payment method without the hassle of entering their credit card details each time they pay an invoice.

Both Apple Pay and Google Pay ensure that transactions are not only convenient but also safe and secure. With encrypted payment information and robust security measures, your customers can trust that their data is well-protected throughout the payment process.

But that’s not all. Here are some more reasons you’re going to love express pay options on invoices:

  • Easier Payments: Reduces friction for your customers ( you get paid faster).
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By embracing the latest in payment technology you position your business as forward-thinking and customer-centric.
  • No Setup Needed: Apple Pay and Google Pay are already seamlessly integrated with your accounting software through Stripe and will display automatically on invoices based on your customers’ browsers and devices. 

If you’re not using Stripe in your accounting software, you may be missing out on convenient payments for your customers. Learn more here.

Here’s to smoother transactions and happier customers!

Psst: Want in on a secret? Look for ACH payment integration with Stripe Q2 2024.

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