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Setting Up Workers’ Compensation in the Wizard

After setting up deductions and contributions in the payroll wizard, you can add workers’ compensation codes for your company if you want to have access to quick reports for your insurance company. You’ll assign these codes to your employees in a later step. Once they are set up, Patriot will track all payrolls on the employees and codes assigned to them so you’ll have reports ready to go for your next workers’ compensation audit.

Watch as Kate, our fictional character, considers her options for setting up workers’ compensation codes for her company.

You can learn more information about Patriot’s partnership with NEXT Insurance (formally AP Intego), which offers “Pay As You Go” workers’ compensation insurance plans. If you don’t want to set up Workers’ Compensation codes at this time, you can move to Step 7, Direct Deposit, and Paper Check Setup in the Wizard.

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