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What If I Don’t Have All My Tax Account Numbers?

If you do not yet have a tax account number or EIN for a specific tax, you will need to apply as a new filer.  While it’s best to have all of your tax account numbers when you first start with Patriot Software, you can mark an account to indicate you don’t have your EIN yet, so you can run payroll without delay.

For specific new employer information and resources for income tax and unemployment tax in your state, see additional payroll information for employers.

If you do not yet have your EIN or account number for a type of tax, here’s how to temporarily indicate you don’t have the EIN/account number:

  1. If you are still in the setup wizard, go to the Tax Identification Numbers page in the first Payroll Settings step.
  2. If you have completed the setup wizard, go to Settings > Payroll Settings > Tax Settings > Edit.
  3. For the tax type that you don’t have an EIN for, check the box “I don’t have one yet.”
  4. If you need guidance on how to obtain an EIN for that type of tax, click the link “Show me how to get one” to view the New Employer Information page for your state.
  5. Click Continue or Save.

Note: You must enter your Federal Income Tax number immediately.  As soon as you receive your  other state and/or local tax account numbers, remember to return to the Tax Settings page to add them. For more information, see the article How Do I Update My Payroll Tax Account Numbers?

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