How Do I Update My Payroll Tax Account Numbers?

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How Do I Update My Payroll Tax Account Numbers?

Adding Tax Account Numbers to Tax Settings:

If you don’t have your EIN or account number for a tax account, Patriot Software allows you to temporarily save tax accounts without their EIN so you can run payroll without delay.  For more info, see What If I Don’t Have All My Tax Account Numbers?  Once you receive the numbers from the tax agency, follow these steps to add them:

  1. Settings > Payroll Settings > Tax Settings
  2. In the Tax Identification Numbers section, uncheck the “I don’t have one yet.”  box.
  3. Enter the new account number.
  4. Click Save.

Editing Existing Tax Account Numbers:

If you discover that you made a mistake on an account number in the payroll software, you may not be able to edit the account number if you have already run payrolls with this tax.  Please contact Customer Support and they can assist with changing the account number for you.

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