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Viewing Your Company Tax Collections from Patriot Software

The Tax Collections report shows payroll taxes that Patriot has debited from your bank account to be used for paying your payroll taxes.  You can find this report under Payroll > Reports > Payroll Tax Reports > Tax Collections.

This report defaults to show all tax collection activity from your bank for the past 90 days.  To view a different date range, change the Start and End Date and click “Run Report.”

Transaction ID. The items listed under Transaction ID are clickable links. In order to see more details (or save or print the detailed explanation), click the link for that transaction. A new tab will open and display the details in a PDF document.

For Payroll Tax Payments, we will withdraw (or deposit when appropriate) the taxes from your bank account on the transaction date.  Once collection has been initiated, the Status will change from “Pending” to “Processed.”  Please note that if we process more than one transaction with your bank account on the same day, the bank records will lump the transactions into a single total transaction amount. Your bank statement will not show separate transactions.

Failed Tax Collections. If your account has been closed, or if there are insufficient funds in your bank account, etc., we may not be able to withdraw the necessary payroll taxes when they are due.

  • When we are unable to make a withdrawal, we will send you an email message, and charge your credit card for a return fee, and post the “Failed Tax Collection” transaction on your Payroll Tax Collections page here.
  • Also, a second attempt might be made to withdraw your payroll taxes, usually within two banking days.

As a full-service payroll customer, you can also view your business payroll tax deposits made to the tax agencies and the quarterly/annual tax filings under the Tax Reports section.

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