Using Employee Position History in Patriot HR

May 14, 2018


You can track the employee position history, including the effective date, job type, title, and any comments about the position update.

When you first add an employee’s Title and Position Type, whether by adding a new employee or by adding to their Position Info screen, an entry will be automatically created in the Position History section as long as you also enter their hire date. The Effective Date is the employee’s hire date, and the Type and Title will appear. You can edit or delete this entry if you wish.

To Add a Position:

  1. Payroll > Employees > Employee List > select Employee Name
  2. Click the HR Info link on the employee’s record.
  3. On the HR Info page, find the Position History section. Click Add Position History.
  4. Enter the Effective Date of the position change.
  5. Enter the new job Title.
  6. Select the Type from the dropdown list: Full Time, Part Time, Temporary, Intern, or Seasonal.
  7. Enter any Comments (optional).
  8. Click Save.

You can edit a position by clicking the “Edit” icon in the row of the position to be edited.

You can delete a position by clicking the trashcan icon in the row of the position to be deleted.

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