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Payroll Details Report


The Payroll Details report shows all payroll activity for employees, including prior payroll history entries, payroll updates, and paychecks processed in Patriot Software. Payroll reports like these can be used to break down taxes for employees, year-to-date totals, or run a summary report totaled by employee.

If you’re looking for summary totals, check out our help article, “How to Get Year-to-date Payroll Totals.”

To find this report:  Reports > Payroll Reports > Payroll Details

Customize Views of Payroll Details Report

You can view one employee or all employees and select the pay date range. By default, activities from all sources will be included in the report. You can also choose to select one or multiple sources at a time:

  • Paycheck:  Any checks actually processed in Patriot Software.
  • Voided Paycheck:  Any paychecks you have voided.
  • Payroll History:  Year-to-date history you had entered for checks that were processed before you started using Patriot Software.
  • Payroll Update:   Any edits or corrections you made to checks in the payroll software.
  • Tax Rate Change:  If you made any changes to a tax rate that triggered a payroll adjustment, the adjustment details would appear here.
  • System Edit:  This source is not used often, and only happens if there is an automatic adjustment needed to your account.
  • Prior Payroll Tax Adjustment:  This is a result of any tax adjustments based on the year-to-date history you had entered from a prior payroll provider.
  • Departments: (Coming soon!)

Grouping Options of the Payroll Details Report

  • Check: will display each check detail separately, including whether it was an actual paycheck, a payroll update, or a prior payroll history entry, and the check transaction date and time. Note the transaction date and times are in your company’s time zone.
  • Pay Date: will aggregate all checks together for each pay date in the date range.
  • Employee: will show summary totals of all checks together by employee; helpful if you need to look up year-to-date earnings.
  • Totals: will aggregate all employees’ checks together. Use this option to view the total for all employees included in the report.
  • Location: If you have added more than one company location, you can view the total for all employees at that location.
  • Departments: (Coming soon!)

Export payroll to CSV spreadsheet

You can either download this report as a PDF or export this information into a CSV file for importing into another system. Click the “Download Spreadsheet” link under the selection dropdown boxes at the top of the report.   A CSV file will download and contains all of the earnings, taxes, deductions, and net pay for each employee.

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