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Questions about the Payroll Tax Filing Service

Q: What does Full Service Payroll include?

A: If you are a Full-Service Payroll customer, we will handle all the necessary collections for your payroll tax deposits and filing (reporting) of ALL applicable Federal, State, and Local taxes that you have set up in the system. This includes creating and submitting the 940 and 941 Filing payroll tax filing forms needed at quarter-end and year-end. Unlike other payroll software providers, we won’t send you forms you must sign, seal and deliver. We will submit all of your forms to the appropriate taxing agency for you, so when you see them, they’ll be finished! And, we include ALL state and local taxes that might be applicable.

Q: Who will be responsible for filing our payroll taxes?

A: If you are a Full-Service Payroll customer and have completed the set-up tasks for the payroll tax filing service, Patriot Software will handle the calculation, collection, remittance, and filing of your payroll taxes. Patriot Software will calculate employee and employer taxes if you are a Basic Payroll customer. Still, you will be responsible for the collection, remittance, and filing of your payroll taxes.

Q: Who is responsible for payroll tax deposits?

A: If you are a Full-Service Payroll customer, Patriot Software will handle the deposits for your payroll taxes as long as you have completed all of the set-up tasks, including providing us with a bank account number and completing the necessary forms. If you choose Basic Payroll instead of Full-Service Payroll, you will be responsible for the timely depositing of your payroll taxes based on your deposit frequency.

Q: When will my payroll taxes be pulled from my bank account?

A: We will debit your bank account for your company’s payroll tax liabilities each time you run payroll, typically the first banking day before your paydate. If that is not possible because you ran payroll on the same day as your paydate, Patriot will collect the next banking day. Depending on your tax deposit frequency, those monies could be due to the IRS in as little as two days.

Q: Can the payroll tax service handle filings for tax periods that ended before we signed up?

A: If you need Patriot to handle tax deposits and filings for periods before when you signed up, we will charge $37 per month for each prior month’s tax deposits and filings. The accuracy of these filings will be dependent upon the prior payroll data you provide, so you will need to enter all year-to-date payroll history for every employee accurately.

Q: Can the payroll tax service manage my year-end filings and W2s and W3s?

A: Yes. We will handle all year-end filings. If starting mid-year, the accuracy of the filings will be dependent upon the prior payroll data you enter into Patriot Software. We will submit copies of your W2 and W3 data to the appropriate taxing agencies. You will print the annual W2s for your employees using Patriot Software.

Q: In which states can I use the Full-Service Payroll?

A: We offer Full-Service Payroll in all 50 states! Our software tracks and calculates each state-specific and local tax that applies in your state.

Q: Which state and local taxes does Patriot handle?

A: Patriot handles all state payroll taxes and most local taxes. For a complete listing of which taxes Patriot Software handles, please refer to our help article, “Which State and Local Taxes Does Patriot file?

Q: Does the payroll tax service also handle sending in garnishments, insurance, retirement, or child support payments?

A: We are integrated with Vestwell, a leading 401(k) provider, so Vestwell automatically handles 401(k) collections and deposits. Patriot’s Full Service payroll does not handle garnishments, health insurance premiums, retirement (except for Vestwell 401(k))or child support payments.

Q: Does Patriot handle Schedule H for household employers?

A: No. Patriot Full Service does not handle the Schedule H for household employers. We recommend household employers who want to file a Schedule H use our Basic Payroll for tax calculations. Our Full Service Payroll is for small businesses who will be filing a 941 or 944.

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