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Printing Checks After Payroll


After you have approved your payroll in Patriot Software, you have the option to print your checks now or later. Printing checks later is convenient if you don’t have access to your printer at the time you run payroll, or simply don’t have time to print at the moment. On Step 3, simply click “Later” to the question “When would you like to print your payroll?” Even if you navigate away from this page without clicking “Later,” your payroll will be ready for printing whenever you are.

How to print your checks later

When you are ready to print your checks, here are the following steps:

  • To print your employee paychecks, go to Payroll > Payroll Tasks > Print Payrolls
  • To print your contractor checks, go to Payroll > 1099 Contractors > Print Contractor Checks.
  • A list of payrolls to be printed will appear. Click “Print” at the end of the row of the payroll you wish to print.
  • A new page will open to print just for this payroll.  This is the same page that you would see if you had printed your checks right away.
  • If you are printing live checks, enter the starting check number, and click “Download Paychecks Now.” A PDF document will open. Load your pre-printed checkstock in your printer to print.  If the starting check number has already been used, you will see a warning.  You may proceed with using the same check number or change to a new check number.
  • If you are printing check stubs or direct deposit stubs, you can enter an optional starting check number. Click “Download Paystubs Now” or “Download Direct Deposit Stubs Now.” Load plain paper in your printer to print.

How to reprint checks again

If needed, you can reprint checks from a previous payroll.  In the same Print Payrolls page, a list of “Previously Printed” payrolls will appear underneath the “To Be Printed” list.   Click “Print Again” at the end of the row of the payroll you wish to print again.   Proceed with the steps above.

For more check printing tips, see A Primer on Printing Payroll Checks with Patriot’s Online Payroll or our general blog article about payroll check printing.

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