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Basic Payroll Customers: Completing Form 941

đź’ˇThis article is for Basic Payroll customers and Full Service Payroll Customers who have not completed their payroll tax filing setup. If you are a Full Service Payroll Customer who has completed the tax filing setup, you can find your 941, state withholding filings, SUTA filings, and local tax filings in your tax filing packet. Please see, “Viewing Your Company Tax Filing Packet,” for more information.

Form 941 is due to the IRS each quarter. The deadlines for filing are:

Quarter 1 – 4/30
Quarter 2 – 7/31
Quarter 3 – 10/31
Quarter 4 – 1/31

If you are a Basic Payroll Software customer, and you pay and file your own payroll taxes (or have someone do it for you), Patriot Software offers a pre-filled Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return (Form 941) for you to use.

Note that only some — but not all — of your company tax information is pre-filled on the form. You will need to enter additional information in the PDF before you can file the form with the IRS. Why is your 941 form only partially complete? Because Patriot does not deposit your taxes, you will need to enter the total amount of taxes you deposited with the IRS that quarter. You will also need to indicate your deposit schedule and tax liability in Part 2 of the form.

You can refer to the full IRS Instructions for Form 941 for further help. Also check out our blog article How to Fill Out Form 941: Your Step-by-step Guide for more information.

To download and complete the 941 form, log in and follow these instructions:

  1. Reports > Payroll Tax Reports > 941s
  2. Select the year and quarter for the form you want to download.
  3. Click Download. A partially completed Form 941 will download to your computer.
  4. You can also download instructions to complete your Form 941.
  5. Click the downloaded file to display and complete the form. Unless you have a full version of Adobe, you cannot save the information typed into the PDF form. You can type and then print the form for your records. You may also handwrite information on the printed form.

Also see Basic Payroll Customers:  Completing Form 940 instructions for filing your annual Federal Unemployment Taxes for the year.

I am an agricultural business. Can I get IRS form 943 for agricultural businesses?

Patriot does not supply or file IRS form 943 for agricultural businesses. If you need form 943, we suggest you use our basic payroll and manually fill out IRS form 943 on your own.

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