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How to Verify a Bank Account Manually in Patriot Software

Background: Why Patriot Needs to Verify Your Bank Account

If you are a Full-Service Payroll customer, you will need to verify your bank account information in order for Patriot Software to debit your bank account for taxes. In most cases, Patriot’s instant bank account verification will get you set up. However, there are some banks and credit unions that are not included in the list of financial institutions that can be instantly verified. In this case, you will need to manually enter your bank account information.

Entering Your Bank Account as a New Customer

  • In the startup wizard, on the “Instant Account Verification” page, if you cannot find your bank or are having issues with your login credentials:
    Exit out of the bank search box and return to the Instant Account Verification page.
  • Click “manually enter your bank information.”
  • Enter your 9-digit bank ABA Routing Number, Account Number, and Account Type (checking or savings) and click Continue. Your account status is now “pending verification.”
  • If you have a debit block on your account, please be sure to whitelist Patriot’s ACH ID.

Validating Your Bank Account

After you enter your banking info, Patriot must verify that your bank account is valid and belongs to you. Here is how to verify a bank account manually:

  • We will electronically deposit and withdraw a small amount to and from this account within three banking days (usually the next banking day, as long as you entered your account info before 8 p.m. Eastern Time).  You will receive an email when the deposit/withdrawal has been made.
  • Confirm the amount deposited and withdrawn by calling your bank or logging into your online bank account activity statement. The activity will appear in your bank statement as “Patriot Software.” If you see no activity in your bank account after three banking days, you can cancel the pending verification on the Bank Account Info page and re-enter your bank account info to start a new verification.
  • When you know the dollar amount, log into Patriot Software and enter the deposit/withdrawal amount in the field provided. For amounts under one dollar, enter a zero before the cents. For example, if the amount is $0.53, enter 0.53. Once you enter the correct amount and all other required information, you will be free and clear to run payrolls.
  • If you enter the wrong amount, Patriot gives you two more chances to enter the correct one. If after three tries you have not entered the correct amount, please re-enter your bank account to start a new verification.
  • If over 60 days have passed and you have not verified your account, you will need to re-enter your bank account info and begin the process again.

To change your bank account later, you will follow the same steps.  See How Do I Update My Bank Account?

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