How Do I Update My Bank Account?

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How Do I Update My Bank Account?

If you need to change your bank account information in Patriot Software, we will use the same validation steps as the first time you entered a bank account to confirm that your new account is valid.

Settings > Payment Settings > Bank Account Info > Edit

Two Ways To Update

  1. Instant Bank Account Verification:  We recommend you try the Instant Account Verification process first, as this is a quicker, easier process.  Click the “Verify My Bank Account” button to begin.
  2. Manual Account Verification:  If you cannot find your bank, exit and click “manually enter your bank information.”  See How to Verify a Bank Account Manually in Patriot Software.

If you have pending transactions when you make the account change, Patriot will continue debiting your old account until your new account can be verified. You can also cancel the bank account change if the account is not yet verified.

Authorize Bank Debits

If your bank account has a debit block or debit filter to prevent unauthorized organizations from debiting or withdrawing funds from the account via ACH, please be sure to give your banking institution Patriot’s ACH ID (aka Originating Number).  This will authorize bank withdraws from Patriot and prevent failed collections. Please read “What is Patriot’s ACH ID?” for more information.


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