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I need to make a change to payroll, and it’s after December 31. What do I do?

It’s important to ensure your payroll tax records are accurate before filing. We recommend each end of the year you make it a practice to go through the End of the Year Checklist.

If you notice that payroll needs adjusting, voided, or added after December 31, and you are a Full Service customer, you will need to contact our Customer Support team.

You can call, chat, or email.  Keep in mind January is very busy, so there may be a delay in response. Chat us for the fastest service. If the change affects your tax filings, such as taxable wages, voiding checks, or changing an employee’s social security number, there may be an amended return fee for each quarter.

See our help article, “Patriot Software Premium Support Fee Schedule,” for amended return fees.

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