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How to Cancel a Product in Patriot Software


With Patriot Software, you have the freedom to cancel your software at any time.  Patriot Software bills in arrears, so you will still receive a final monthly software invoice on the first day of the following month for the final period of service.  If you cancel a product in the middle of a month, you will only be charged for the days the product was active.

To Cancel a Product or Account in Patriot Software

  1. Go to Settings > Company Settings > Add or Cancel Software.
  2. Your selected products are shown with a purple box and checkmark.  To cancel an active product, click the purple box.
  3. Select the reason for canceling and answer any corresponding questions.
  4. Click “Save Changes.”

To Cancel Full Service Payroll

If you are a Full-Service Payroll customer, we will need to get more details about exactly when you want to stop the tax filing service.  

  1. Click “Continue” to begin the Full-Service Payroll cancellation process.
  2. Select an end date, which specifies whether Patriot will complete all filings until the end of the actual cancel date, month, quarter, or year (depending on when you cancel).
  3. If you select either end of quarter or year, we will ask if this will be your final Form 941 filing.
  4. You will see a snapshot of your tax responsibility and Patriot’s responsibility.
  5. If Patriot is refunding tax collections, we will show you the refund amount.  If Patriot will handle future taxes, we will charge the existing base price for each additional month.
  6. Click “Cancel Software” to finish the process.

After you cancel your software, you’ll be invoiced for the days that the software was active on the first of the next month.

Why was my credit card charged after I canceled?

This is because Patriot bills in “arrears.”  This method of invoicing means you receive  services first, and then pay for them.  Here’s how it works: Patriot “looks back” to determine how many days you had active software products and how many employees you paid (if applicable) in the previous month. We then create an invoice and charge your credit card.  For example, a February 1st invoice will be for active software services during the month of January.

Can I still access my account after I cancel?

You can cancel your account and still log in to access your account information. Information you can review and download includes:

  • Payroll reports (e.g., payroll register)
  • Payroll tax returns (e.g., Form 941)
  • Tax collection history
  • Tax deposits
  • Forms W-2
  • Forms W-3

You cannot enter more payrolls into the software after you cancel. A cancellation notifies the software that your activity (and all of your payroll) in the software is complete. Enter all payroll into the software before you cancel your account to ensure all tax information is accurate and complete.

Completed payrolls with future pay dates

It is very important to note that if you have already run payrolls with future pay dates before you cancel, these payrolls will still have tax collections and/or direct direct deposit payments collected and processed.  For example, if you have run a payroll dated a month from now, but have cancelled your account effective today, taxes and direct deposits will still be processed a month from now.  We recommend you run the Payroll Details Report before you cancel, to confirm whether you have completed payrolls with future pay dates.

Canceling payroll software with a future date

The software allows you to choose a future cancellation date. For example, you may choose the end of the year, 12/31. This date does not signify your account is active until 12/31. Instead, canceling with a future end date ensures that Patriot will file and deposit all payroll taxes for your business through the future cancellation date.

The date you close your account and select a future cancellation date is the day your software becomes inactive. Let’s say you select a cancellation date of 12/31 on 10/1. Your software becomes inactive on 10/1, but Patriot will deposit and file fourth quarter and year-end taxes for you.

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