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How do I remove COVID paid leave hour balances from employee pay stubs?


If your business is not required to provide COVID paid leave hours to your employees under the FFCRA, or if you are required to provide COVID paid leave but do not wish to show the balance of available hours on employee pay stubs, you can edit the hours type setting to remove this from the employee’s pay stub.

How to remove COVID paid leave hour balances 

  • Go to Settings > Payroll Settings > Hours & Money Types
  • Click the link for the COVID hour type you want to edit.
  • If you are not going to use these hours at all to pay FFCRA paid leave in payroll, uncheck the “Active” box.  Keep in mind, using these hours is the only way to obtain the tax credit for them.
  • Uncheck the “Track Time Off” box.  This will remove them from your Manage Time Off balances, and will also remove them from employee pay stubs.
  • Click Save and repeat for the other COVID hour types.

If you have already run payroll that shows these hour types on employee pay stubs, but have not given the pay stubs to your employees, it is not necessary to void the checks and re-run payroll.  Once you edit the hour type to remove “Track Time Off,” you can simply reprint the checks or pay stubs by going to Payroll > Payroll Tasks > Print Payrolls in the left menu.  The COVID hours will not appear in the time off hours section.

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