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How Do I Find Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

As an employer, you are most likely required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage for your employees.  If your employee experiences an illness or an injury on the job, workers’ compensation insurance helps cover medical expenses and lost time away from work.

Background for Workers’ Comp Insurance Coverage

Each state has different laws for who is required to carry workers’ comp coverage and how to obtain it.  If you do business in North Dakota, Ohio, Washington State, or Wyoming, these states require you to obtain workers’ comp coverage through their own state fund.  The remaining states allow you to shop for workers’ compensation insurance coverage using a private insurance company.  For more info about your state’s requirements, see the U.S. Department of Labor Website.

For further reading, see our blog article A Closer Look at Workers’ Compensation.

How to Get Workers’ Compensation Coverage

As a Patriot Software customer, if you do business in any state other than ND, OH, WA, or WY, we offer a way for you to shop for workers’ comp insurance coverage with NEXT Insurance (formally AP Intego), a national insurance broker who specializes in workers’ comp coverage for small business.  NEXT offers a “Pay As You Go” option that allows you to pay premiums based on actual payrolls each pay period.  For more info, see Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

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