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How Do I Correct a W-2 in Patriot Software?

Even after you download and print W-2 Forms in Patriot Software and distribute W-2 forms to your employees, you can still make a correction if needed.  This depends on whether you have already filed your company’s summary W-3 with the Social Security Administration.  If you are a Full-Service Payroll customer, contact us and we can confirm whether we filed your W-2s/W-3.

Choose from these scenarios, and follow the instructions:

If you have not given a W-2 to an employee and need to make a correction…

Simply make the change in Patriot Software. Depending on the change you need to make, this could be running an additional payroll or changing a setting on a money type/deduction/contribution. If you are unsure how to correct, please contact our Support team.  Once the correction is made, you can then download the W-2 again. Patriot Software will retain a copy of the most recent W-2.

If you have already given the employee a W-2…

Either with a paper form or by Posting Electronic W-2s in Patriot’s Employee Portal, but have not yet filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA), make the change in Patriot Software, and download the W-2 again.  If you are giving a paper Form W-2 to the employee, write “CORRECTED” on the new W-2 copies (B, C, and 2), and give the corrected W-2 to the employee.  If you are posting an electronic copy of the W-2 to the employee portal, you can post the most recent downloaded version again.  Employees with a valid email address on their record will be notified by an automatic email that an updated Form W-2 is available for viewing.  Electronic copies will not have “CORRECTED” appear on the W-2.

If the incorrect Form W-2 is on a page with a correct Form W-2, send the entire page to the SSA. The incorrect form will not be processed. Do not write “CORRECTED” on Copy A of Form W-2.

If you have already filed the W-2/W-3 with the Social Security Administration…

If you discover a change is needed on a W-2 after you have filed the W-2/W-3 with the Social Security Administration, you will need to complete corrected W-2 and W-3 forms with the previously reported and the corrected information:

  1. Make the change in Patriot Software.
  2. Download the W-2 again.  You can also get the corrected amounts by viewing the W-2 Summary Report.
  3. Complete the W-2C (Corrected Wage and Tax Statement) for each employee that needs to be corrected, and complete a Form W-3C for the totals.
  4. Give the corrected copy to the employee and submit the W-3C to the SSA. You can file the corrected Form W-3C using a PDF filler and send the paper form to the SSA, or online in your Social Security Administration Business Services Online Account.  For more details, see Filing Your W-3 Using Patriot Software.

Note: You do not need to use Form W-2C to correct an employee’s address. If you have already filed with the SSA, follow these instructions for correcting the employee address.

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