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How do I change a paydate?

There may be instances when you realize that you need to change a payroll paydate after you have already started running the payroll. Below are two scenarios of what you’ll need to do depending on how far you are in the payroll process:

1. Before you approve the payroll

You can easily change your paydate before you approve the payroll by clicking in the date box of the “pay date.” Note: The software will warn you if you select an invalid date or date that does not allow enough time for the payroll if you have direct deposit, send a bank wire, or are a semi-monthly depositor.

2. After you approve the payroll

If you have already approved your payroll, you must void it and rerun it with the correct paydate. Remember that if you void the payroll several days after the payroll was run, we may have begun the collection process for taxes or direct deposit. Patriot will return the money to your account as soon as we have confirmed we have a good collection. 

If only one employee needs to be corrected, you do not need to void the entire payroll but can void one or more checks by selecting to void specific employees. Go to Payroll > Payroll Tasks > Void Checks. 

Read “Voiding Direct Deposit Paychecks” and “How To Void or Cancel A Paycheck in Patriot’s Payroll Software” to learn more about voiding checks.

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