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How Do I Know If I’m Full Service or Basic?

Not sure whether you’re a Basic Payroll or Full Service Payroll customer? 

You can check your products anytime by logging into your account and going to Settings >> Company Settings >> Add or Cancel Software. Here, your current products are outlined in a purple box. You will also see a purple box that says “REMOVE” on your current products. 

Customers can use Patriot's Add or Cancel Software page to find out if they have Basic or Full Service Payroll.

Please remember that Patriot does not handle tax filing and deposits for Basic customers. You are responsible for filing your payroll forms (e.g., Form 941) and handling tax deposits. If you want Patriot to collect, deposit, and file federal, state, and local taxes, you can upgrade your account to Full Service on the “Add or Cancel Software” page. The increase in cost is just $20 more a month. For more common questions about our Full Service payroll or to add the tax service, please read our help articles, “Questions About the Tax Filing Service” and “How to Add the Payroll Tax Filing Service.” 

Full Service – Pending

Keep in mind that Patriot cannot collect, deposit, or file your payroll taxes until you’ve completed the Full Service setup. 

Here’s how to tell if your Full Service is pending:

  1. You will see a popup when you log in alerting you that your tax service needs to be completed.

  1. You will see a banner on the Payroll overview page and Step 2 of Payroll telling you that Patriot is not collecting taxes for your payroll yet.
Full Service pending banner on Payroll Overview page in Patriot Software

To finish your Full Service setup so Patriot can begin handling your payroll taxes, click the link in the banner that says “Complete your tax filing information” to find out what else you have to do.

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