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Common Tax Filing Setup Delays FAQs

  • Q: I’m waiting on authorization from Patriot for filing with my state agency.  What do I need to do?
    • Patriot reviews each state agency filing request in the order they are received.  It is not necessary to call us, our Tax Team reviews these requests daily (M – F)  and will contact you if there is a problem with your authorization.
  • Q: I don’t see my penny verification in my bank. How soon will it appear?
    • Patriot sends a test amount showing a small deposit and withdrawal of the same amount on the same day. Once the test deposit is sent, you will see a notification in your software “Look for a deposit on {date}.” If you do not see an amount deposited on that date, you may have entered an incorrect bank account number.
  • Q: I am still waiting on my 8655. How long will it take?
    • Patriot sends files electronically to the IRS each day. Typically the IRS processes these forms within 2-10 business days.  The main contact on the account will receive an email from Patriot once we hear from the IRS.
  • Q: Why was my 8655 rejected?
    • There are a couple of reasons the 8655 may be rejected by the IRS:
      • The tax filing name or FEIN does not match the name the IRS has on record. Any mail that the customer receives from the IRS will show the tax filing name on Line 1 of the address and the business name will be shown on Line 2 of the address. Check Form CP 575 or SS-4 which would have been mailed to you by the IRS. You can request the CP-575 or the EIN verification letter known as a 147-C or call 1-800-829-4933 and ask for a 147-C. These will show proof of the businesses’ filing address, name, and EIN.
      • The person signing the form is not an owner, officer, or member of the business. (CEO, CFO, etc are “officers.”
    • In either case, update with the correct information and resubmit the 8655 directly in your software account.

Also see, “Viewing Your Company Tax Filings in Patriot Software.”

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