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Voiding a Journal Entry


There may be times when you need to void or delete a journal entry you have entered into your Patriot accounting software.  See Void or Delete a Transaction:  What’s the difference?

How to Void or Delete a Journal Entry in Patriot Software

You can void or delete a journal entry on the General Ledger Report.

Reports > Accounting > Financial Reports > General Ledger

Find the journal entry you entered, and click the “gear” icon at the end of the row. You can edit, void, or delete this entry when viewing the details of the activity by clicking the description link of the activity

If you void or delete,  select the date for the void or delete entry. You will see a confirmation page.  Click “Yes” to confirm you want to void or delete.  Voided journal entries will still appear in your General Ledger Report.  Deleted journal entries will be hidden here, but will appear in your Modified Transactions Report.

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