Voiding a Customer Payment

August 12, 2019


You can void or delete a customer payment either from the Customer Payment History report, or on the individual customer Payments page:

Reports > Accounting > Customer Reports > Payment History
Accounting > Your Company > Customers > Customer Name > Payments

When you void a customer payment, you will reverse the entry, but still see a record that the payment was voided on your Payment History Report.  A deleted payment will be removed from this report.  For more details, see see Void or Delete a Transaction: What’s the difference?

  1. Select the customer and date range and run the report to find the payment you want to void or delete.
  2. At the bottom of the payment, click either “Void” or “Delete.”
  3. A confirmation page will show. Choose Yes to continue. Choose No to return to the Payments page.
  4. Voided customer payments will appear in the customer’s payment history at the top of the payment, and the date voided.  Your Activity By Account report will show the voided customer payment as a withdrawal from your account balance.  Deleted payments will be hidden from this report, but will appear in your Modified Transactions Report.


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