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Customer Payment History Report

The Customer Payment History Report shows all payments made by customers to you. This report is found under Reports > Accounting > Customer Reports > Payment History.

You can filter the report by customer and payment date. The report shows the Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Items on the invoice, and the amount of payment applied for each item.

You can click “Download Spreadsheet” to download a .csv file that you can open in Excel with your payment history information.

You can edit the customer payment information, if needed.  Click “Edit” at the bottom of the payment detail.  You will go back to the customer’s payment page to make your changes.

To void a customer payment, click “Void” at the bottom of the payment detail.  The voided payment will still appear on the Payment History Report. See Voiding a Customer Payment for more information.

You can delete a customer payment by clicking “Delete” at the bottom of the payment detail.  The deleted payment will no longer show on the Payment History Report.  For details, see Void or Delete a Transaction: What’s the difference?

You can also view a list of payments from an individual customer under their record.
Accounting > Receivables > Customers > Customer Name > Payments

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