Patriot Software Has A New Look

Patriot's updated dashboard (screenshot)

We at Patriot Software are constantly looking for ways to improve your software experience, and make your payroll and accounting tasks faster and better. We will be making some improvements to our page layouts very soon. Here’s a summary of the changes you will see.


We have removed the darker colors at the top and bottom of the page. The top menu has also been moved over to the left, with the “Log Out” link still in the top right corner. If you are viewing the software on your desktop computer, the left menu will now be seated all the way to the left of the page.


You will now see just one “Reports” link in your left menu, and also a new “Reports” link in the top menu. This “Reports” page will show all of the payroll and/or accounting reports you already use, depending on your active products. This makes your left menu shorter and cleaner, and eliminates the need to go back and forth between Payroll and Accounting products, if you have both, to find the reports you need. Note the reports are now alphabetized within each section, so they will be in a different order than before.


Similar to the “Reports” page, you will see a new “Settings” link in the top menu. This is your one place to review and make changes to your payroll and/or accounting settings, plus your overall Patriot account settings. Note the settings are now alphabetized within each section, so they will be in a different order than before.


We have made one minor change to your Payroll left menu. The “Payroll Tasks” section will now be at the top of the menu, and the “Employees” section will be directly underneath. These sections are simply switching positions.


Accounting Menu has been re-organized to make for a shorter overall menu. We have added a new “Your Company” section at the top of the menu. This will contain your Products & Services, Customer List, and Vendor List. The links for Customer Tasks, Vendor Tasks, and Financial Tasks will remain the same.

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