Employee Statuses & Effective Dates Access for Vestwell Customers 

employee statuses and effective dates access for Vestwell customers

In the past, you needed to have Patriot’s HR software add-on for this feature. Otherwise, you had to manually track your employees’ termination statuses and effective dates outside of the software and communicate it to Vestwell. 

Because we’re obsessed with making everything as seamless as possible for our customers, we’ve made some changes. Now, you can track employee statuses and the corresponding effective dates directly in our software (no HR add-on required). And, we’ll automatically send termination info to Vestwell.

If you’re a payroll software customer with a Vestwell plan, you can now select effective dates and assign the following statuses to your employees:

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Terminated
  • Leave of Absence

For more information on this new update, check out our help article, “Employee Statuses.” 

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