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Why Can’t I Edit a Company-Level Deduction?

When you set up your company-level deductions to be used on employee records, there are two fields that are not editable:

Deduction Type
The Type determines how the deduction will be taxed, whether included in employee’s taxable income, or excluded from income.  When you assign the deduction to an employee and use in a payroll, you can no longer edit the Type. For more details, see Deduction Types in Patriot Software.

This determines whether the deduction will be calculated as a flat dollar amount or percent of pay.  This field is not editable as soon as you first save your company-level deduction.

If you have assigned the deduction to an employee, but have not yet used the deduction in a payroll

Before you can edit the Type, you must first remove the deduction from all employee records.  This deduction must not yet be used in a payroll.
You can run the Assigned Deductions report to see a list of employees who have this deduction.  

  1. Go to Reports > Payroll Reports > Deductions & Contributions > Assigned Deductions.
  2. You can show all deductions, or select only the deduction you want to search.
  3. Choose “Active” for the Status.
  4. Click Run Report.

You will need to remove the deduction from each employee record, one at a time.  

  1. Go to the employee’s record > Deduction & Contributions.
  2. Find the deduction you want to remove.
  3. Click the trashcan icon at the end of the row.

If you have used the deduction in a payroll

You will not be able to edit either the Type or Method fields.  If you need to make a correction to the deduction, you will need to:

  1. Inactivate the wrong deduction at the company level.  This will automatically inactivate it at the employee level.
  2. Create a new deduction with a different Type or Method.
  3. Assign the new deduction to employees.

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