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What Should I Do When I Receive a Tax Notice?


If you are a Full-Service Payroll Customer of Patriot Software, and you have received a tax notice, you will need to inform Patriot so that our Tax Team can review the notice and confirm your account is properly set up.

Before uploading a notice to your account, please do the following:

  • Make sure the EIN listed on your notice matches the EIN in Patriot (Settings > Payroll Settings > Tax Settings). 
  • Ensure that your tax deposit frequency is correct by going to Settings > Tax Service Settings > Tax Deposit Frequencies. 
  • If your notice is for State Unemployment Insurance (SUI/SUTA), check your SUTA rate by going to Settings > Payroll Settings > State Unemployment Rates. If you have an incorrect rate in the software, update the rate here. You will pay the amount of the notice to the state directly. If you have a credit, please upload the notice.
  • Lastly, please go to Reports > Payroll Tax Reports > Tax Takeover Details to verify that your balance due is not for a liability incurred prior to joining Patriot. 
  • If your account is inactive, please make sure that your liability is not for a period after Patriot stopped filing for you by checking your termination details (Settings > Tax Service Settings > Tax Cancellation Details).
  • Patriot does NOT need blank tax filing forms the state may send you. The software handles this on your behalf. You can dispose of those.

To Upload a Tax Notice in Patriot Software

We recommend you upload a copy of your tax notice to Patriot so that our Tax Team can review the actual notice.  

  • Go to Settings > Account Activity > View/Upload Files to Support
  • Choose the file from your computer.
  • Add a description.  Please include the words “Tax Notice” so that it gets routed to the correct team.

You may also attach the tax notice to an email and send it to our Tax Team directly at

How Soon Will I Hear Back from the Tax Team?

Our Tax Team reviews tax notices in the order they were received.  If you have sent more than one tax notice, keep in mind that we may not review both of them at the same time if they were sent to us at different times.  Our team will respond to you via email with a detailed explanation of the notice and any action you need to take to resolve any issues.

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