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Employee Census for Vestwell 401(k) Plan Onboarding

Patriot has partnered with Vestwell to provide an integrated solution between your 401(k) plan and payroll account, with no additional charges from Patriot. After your 401(k) plan is set up, Patriot will send payroll data to Vestwell each time you run a payroll, including employee deductions and company contributions. Vestwell will withdraw these dollars directly from the employer bank account and apply the contributions to each employee’s 401(k) account.

Not yet signed up for a 401(k) with Vestwell? Learn more about Vestwell plan options and get started here.

Vestwell will request you provide information about your employees during the onboarding process. Patriot has an Employee Census report you can use to give Vestwell the information they require to maintain participant 401(k) accounts. Go to:

  • Reports > Payroll Reports > Employee Census
  • Under “Select Status,” keep all statuses checked. Include any employees with earnings for the calendar year in the report, even if they have been terminated.
  • Download the spreadsheet by clicking the link at the top.  
  • For the question “Would you like the downloaded report to display the full SSN?” choose Yes. You will need to re-enter your Patriot account password.  
  • A CSV file will download to your device. Use this file to upload to your Vestwell sponsor portal.

Before you upload this report to Vestwell, we highly recommend confirming that each employee has their hire date, birth date, and email address added to their record. These can be added by going to Payroll > Employee List > Employee Name > Employee Info tab > Edit. Hire and birth dates will be required to run payrolls once your Vestwell plan is set up. Email addresses are used for important plan communications that Vestwell will send to your employees. You can run the report again after you enter any missing information.

Any employees you add to Patriot after your initial Vestwell onboarding will be reported from Patriot to Vestwell each time you run a payroll. 

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