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Vermont Child Care Tax

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The Vermont Child Care Contribution, established through Act 76 of 2023 concerning child care and early childhood education, aims to finance improvements in Vermont’s childcare infrastructure. A provision within this legislation (32 V.S.A. Chapter 246) assigns the Vermont Department of Taxes the responsibility to introduce and oversee a novel payroll tax called the Child Care Contribution (CCC) on employee wages.

Effective July 1, 2024 employers are required to pay a 0.44% payroll tax on all employee wages earned in Vermont. Employers can withhold 0 – 25% of the 0.44% (a maximum withholding of 0.11%) from employee pay.

  • Go to Settings > Payroll > Child Care Taxes > Vermont.
  • Enter a percentage amount between 0 and 25 that you want to withhold from your employees for the child care tax.
  • Enter the effective date of the withholding percentage.
  • Click “Save”.

If you have made changes, you can view the rates and dates of past contribution rates at the bottom of the page.

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