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Verifying An Employee Bank Account Number


There are times when you may want to confirm an employee or contractor’s full bank account number that was entered for direct deposit. After the employer or employee enters the bank account information, Patriot masks the account number to only show the last two digits for security purposes.  For example, the employee or contractor’s expected direct deposit payment was not deposited into their account.

How To Verify Bank Account Numbers for Employees

  • Go to the employee’s record under Payroll > Employees > Employee List > Click the Employee Name.
  • Click the “Direct Deposit” link.
  • Under the “Account” column, click the masked bank account number.  You will only see the last two digits of the account number.
  • Enter the employee’s full bank account number here.  You have three attempts to match the account number on file.

If you are not able to match the account number within three attempts, the number on file could be wrong.  If this is the case, you will need to delete the existing account and add a new account with the correct information.  For more details, see Adding Employee Direct Deposit Info in Patriot Software.

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