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Using Employee Notes in Patriot HR

Any time you need to document an activity for an employee, you can add employee notes to their record.

To Add an Employee Note:

  1. Payroll > Employees > Employee List > select Employee Name
  2. Click the HR Info link on the employee’s record > HR Info page.
  3. Find the Notes section. Click Add Note.
  4. Enter a Subject for the note.
  5. Today’s Date will appear. You can change the date if needed.
  6. Enter Comments (optional.)
  7. Click Save.

Your note will appear in the Notes section. Notes are sorted by the most recent date, unless you sort by another column.

To edit a note, click the “Edit” icon in the row of the note to be edited.

To delete a note, click the trashcan icon in the row of the note to be deleted.

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