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Time Card History Report

About the Time Card History Report

The time card history report will allow admins in the software the ability to monitor timecard approvals and changes made by employees, admins, and employee managers. The time card history report is available to users with the suite permissions to view reports.

To access the Time Card History Report in the software suite:

Reports > Time and Attendance Reports > Time Card History Report

How to Run a Time Card History Report

Adjust the following fields as needed to display the desired data. You can also search by employee name if desired.

  • Year – Defaults to the current year
  • Pay Frequency – By default, all company pay frequencies will be selected for the selected year in chronological order. However, you’ll be able to filter to specific pay frequencies as needed.
  • Pay Period – By default, the current pay period will be the one selected
  • Event – By default, all events will be selected. However, you’ll be able to filter the following events individually:
    • Approved (Manager Approved, Admin Approved, and Employee Approved)
    • Unapproved
    • Nudged
    • Rejected
    • Un-rejected
    • Edited
  • Employee – By default, all active employees are selected to display. To see inactive employees, change the toggle to “SHOW INACTIVES.”

Once you have the desired selections click “Run Report.” If you change any of the selections, remember to refresh the report by clicking run report again.

The Time Card History Report data table will show:

  • Event Date
  • Editor
  • Event
  • Employee
  • Employee Status
  • Manager

Click the date of each entry to expand the details of the change as well as view any Manager comments. Clicking “Expand All” displays the status change details of all employee time cards.

Printing a Time Card History Report

To print the selected Time Card History Report as a PDF, click “Download PDF” above the data table. To download the selected data in the Time Card History Report as a spreadsheet, click the “Download Spreadsheet” link above the data table.

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