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Full-Service Payroll Customers: How to Print the W-3 Summary

As a Full-Service Payroll customer, Patriot Software will electronically file the W-3 Transmittal of Wages with the SSA on your behalf. However, you may want to view or print the W-3 Summary for your records, which shows the amounts that were reported in each box of the W-3.

Here’s how to print the W-3 Summary Report:

  1. Reports > Payroll > Payroll Tax Reports > W-2 & W-3 Summary.
  2. For the Report selector, select “Company W-3 Summary” Report.
  3. Select the Year, and click Run Report.
  4. Use your browser’s print settings to print the report for your records.

For more details on Form W-3, see the help article “Company W-3 Summary Report.”

You can also view the confirmation from the Social Security Administration showing that Patriot has filed your W-2s with the SSA on your behalf under Reports > Payroll Tax Reports > Tax Filings 

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