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Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication in Patriot Software


The security and confidentiality of your data in Patriot Software are paramount to us.  Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a secure way to authenticate your Patriot account and adds additional protection when you log into your account.  As a Patriot customer, you need enter an authentication code to verify your identity when you log into the software.  You’ll receive the code either by cell phone text or email. Message and data rates may apply for text messages.

⚠️ Beginning in May 2024, we will no longer support Google Single Sign On (SSO).

New Users Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication in Patriot

We will require you to implement two different Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods for a stronger login barrier. You will be asked to enter two forms of authentication. We recommend using both a cell phone number and email.  For cell phones, you will be sent an authentication code in a text message that you need to enter on the login screen to continue logging in.  If you do not have a cell phone, you may enter two different email addresses, and we will email your authentication code. 

Logging in with MFA

You have the option to remember the device you are using, whether it be a desktop computer, laptop, or cell phone, for 90 days.  You will not be required to enter an authentication code during this period, unless you clear your web browser cache.

After you enter your username and password on Patriot’s login screen, you will be prompted to enter your authentication code.  We will text or email your authentication code immediately for you to enter.  Check your cell phone or email.

If you need a new code texted or emailed to you, click “Resend Code.”

If you have added a backup phone number or email, you can choose to receive the code through your backup method.

If you have already set up Multi-factor Authentication, but are having issues getting logged in, please check out our help article, “Troubleshooting Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).”

To Change Your MFA Settings

Go to Settings > Manage Login Info > Change Multifactor Authentication

  • You can change your primary method for receiving the code, either cell phone or email. Click the “edit” icon at the end of the row.
  • You can add multiple backup cell phone numbers or backup email addresses that you can use to have the authentication code sent.

For Those Who Set Up MFA Before May 2024

Here’s what’s changing:

  • Updated login URL: Once you transition to the new enhanced login, you’ll be redirected to 
  • Simplified Login: reCAPTCHA challenges (like identifying pictures) will no longer be required. (Is that cheering we hear?)
  • Enhanced Security: We will implement two different Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods for a stronger login barrier.
  • MFA required on pages with sensitive info – You may be required to re-authenticate with one of your MFA methods before viewing pages with sensitive information, such as banking information, direct deposit information, and social security numbers.
  • Google Single Sign On (SSO) will no longer be supported.
  • Recovery Code as a backup method will no longer be supported.  Requiring two MFA methods will replace the recovery code.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • You’ll need to have 2 MFA methods configured, please log in and go to Settings > User Settings > Manage Login Information > Change Multifactor Authentication. We recommend setting up at least one phone number and at least one email for backup.
  • Disconnect Google SSA (if applicable): If you are using Google SSO, please go to Manage Login Information and select “Disconnect” to set up a password (and username if needed). If you created your login using Google SSO, your username will be the gmail address associated with your Google account. You can also choose “Forgot Password” from the login screen to create a password. 
  • Make sure you are not sharing login information: Sharing your username and password is a security risk. Did you know that you can set up multiple users with permissions? You can create new user accounts by going to Settings > User Settings > Manage Users. There’s no additional cost associated with multiple users. To learn more check out our help article, “Adding and Managing Multiple Users & Permissions.”

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