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Service Anniversary Report

The Service Anniversary Report shows all active employees’ service anniversaries.  You can find this report under Reports > HR Reports > Service Anniversaries.

Using the Service Anniversary Report

  • You can filter the report by month, and see the day your employee anniversaries fall on this year, their original Hire Date, most recent Rehire Date (if they have one), and length of service.
  • Click any column header with an arrow to sort by that column.
  • Print as a PDF or download to a spreadsheet as a .csv file.

Length of Service for Rehires

If employees have more than one Active date entered in their Status History, the most recent Active date will be considered their Rehire Date.

You can report Length of Service in one of two ways. Select an option at the top of the report.

  • All Active Service: Includes all combined active service in the employee’s status history. The length of service is calculated from the date in the Hire Date field. If the employee has a Rehire Date, the “Month/Day This Year” column will show an “adjusted hire date” which will calculate full years of service.
  • Since Rehire: The length of service will be calculated only from the most recent Active date, which is displayed as the Rehire Date. If the employee has a Rehire Date, the “Month/Day This Year” column will display the Rehire Date.

You can set the Length of Service default under Settings > Human Resource Settings > Anniversary Activity Count. On the Dashboard in the left menu is a link Reminders > Anniversaries This Month that links to the Service Anniversary report.  By default, this count will use “All Active Service” when counting the number of employees with service anniversaries in the month.  If you have employees with a rehire date, and wish to count only service since the rehire date, change the default on the Settings page to ensure that the anniversary count will be correct.

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