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Running Payroll Using Different Pay Schedules


As a small business owner, you need the flexibility to run payroll according to your business needs. When you run payroll in Patriot Software, you can pay employees at any interval you choose.

While you might pay most of your employees on a regular weekly schedule, you could pay other employees on a different payroll schedule, including bi-weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly. For some employees, you may run payroll infrequently, such as quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Check out our help article, “How to Set Up and Manage Pay Schedules.”

In Patriot Software, you will run separate payrolls for each schedule.  This means you will run a payroll for your weekly employees, and another payroll for your biweekly employees.

How To Run Payrolls With Different Pay Schedules

First, confirm that the pay schedule (aka frequency) is correct on each employee’s Pay Information screen to ensure the correct tax frequency when running payroll. Patriot Software will calculate taxes differently on a weekly paycheck compared to a biweekly paycheck.  You can see each employee’s Pay Schedule by going to Payroll > Employees > Employee List.

Next, click Payroll > Run a New Payroll.  If you have employees with different pay schedules, select the Pay Schedule in the dropdown list on Step 1.  This will display only those employees paid in that frequency.

For example, you would select “Weekly” to pay the weekly group, and then run another payroll and select “Biweekly” to pay the biweekly group.

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