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Running Payroll On Your Mobile Device

Patriot Software has been developed to be “responsive,” meaning the screens are formatted to fit your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.  You do not need to download an app from your mobile phone app store to use Patriot Software on your phone. Instead, log in to Patriot using your phone’s web browser.  You can even add a shortcut on your phone home screen for easy access.

How To Get to Patriot Software On Your Phone

You can save this as a bookmark in your phone’s web browser, or add a shortcut to your phone’s home screen.

How to Run a Payroll On Your Phone

  • Log in and tap “Run Payroll” from the Dashboard.
  • The three steps will be the same as your desktop.  For detailed instructions, see How to Run a Payroll
  • Enter your dates, employee hours, and money in Step 1.
  • Review your check details in Step 2.
  • If needed, print your checks in Step 3.

Mobile app for employee time and attendance

We’re beta testing a mobile app for employee timekeeping. If you use our Time and Attendance Software, your employees can download the My Patriot App on the Apps Store or Google Play.

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