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QuickBooks Online Integration Status Report

Background on QuickBooks Online Integration

When you integrate your Patriot Software account with your QuickBooks Online account, you can view a report that shows the status of each payroll transmission as a journal entry to QuickBooks.  For more details on connecting your two accounts, see the help article Integrating Patriot Software with QuickBooks Online.

How to View Your QuickBooks Transmissions

Reports > Payroll Reports > QuickBooks Integration Status
The report start and end pay dates default to the current month, but you can change these to see any pay date range.

Each payroll and voided check will be listed in the QBO Integration Status Report.  

If the payroll transmission has a status of “Not Sent,” this means the journal entry transmission was not attempted due to missing information at the time payroll was run.  If you have since updated the missing info on your Payroll Integration Options page, you can click the “Send” link to manually send the journal entry to your QBO account.  Once successful, the payroll status will change to “Sent” and will show the time sent. You will not be able to resend a transaction that has already been successfully sent.

If the payroll transmission has an “Error” status, the journal entry transmission was attempted, but could not be completed, due to connectivity or some other issue. If no information is missing, you can click the “Retry” link to attempt to send the journal entry again.  Once successful, the payroll status will change to “Sent” and will show the time sent.

If your Payroll Integration Options page is missing information, you will need to first complete the missing info before you send any transmissions that weren’t automatically sent.

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